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Dance Dance Dance

2009-09-02 15:16:50 by Bump-Da-Beet

Well as you know i have already put up my clocks remix and now i am working on something new :D! so take a look it at and tell me whats need fixin' and so on.... Oh and btw it isnt finished so dont expect something spectacular.... Also, my name is now D.J. GammaX9 so thats what you might see in some of my comments and stuff so its still me just not the old name.... PEACE!

{F.E.A.R.} New song

2009-02-16 13:43:53 by Bump-Da-Beet

Well as you can see me and LOST-R34LITY have made another collab song together. This song is tributed to everyones favorite evil girl ALMA! This song can be played while actually playing the game or watching the trailer. So plz leave a comment and enjoy if you DARE! >=) And if you liked this then you should check out LOST-R34LITY's profile and mine as well. And if your wondering where the other collab song is its right here /203884
Thank You.

{F.E.A.R.} New song

More in the future? New Song Soon

2009-01-14 22:40:00 by Bump-Da-Beet

Well i have just posted 2 new songs so... check em out and im starting to use some more custom sounds but i havnt quit mastered it yet but i will continue to try to make them as good as i can Thanks for your support.


More in the future? New Song Soon