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More in the future? New Song Soon

2009-01-14 22:40:00 by Bump-Da-Beet

Well i have just posted 2 new songs so... check em out and im starting to use some more custom sounds but i havnt quit mastered it yet but i will continue to try to make them as good as i can Thanks for your support.


More in the future? New Song Soon


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2009-01-18 14:38:56

Hey! Uber-Soldier again. About the Laptop, I have one too. I rigged a device to replace the built in speakers with a kickass bass system. Everytime a grenade goes off in Half-life 2, I feel the shockwave. Consider buying X-treme bass systems

(Updated ) Bump-Da-Beet responds:

Lol yah and thx for lookin at my songs i apprieciate it Look out for some new songs coming up soon. =) and add me to ur fav artists plz and thank you.


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